For as long as anyone has roamed our lands they were there, working in the shadows bringing fear to the things that would hunt the normal folk of these lands. They were reminders left by Kaius, so that we would not forget his sacrifice, they were his living legacy. After his fall the children of Kaius protected our lands from the accursed creatures that would come in the following years.  All of that changed 10 years ago, the king went mad and brought forth a horrific incursion of abominations into our world and razed the capital. The hunters answered the call and defeated our former king but the damage was done, where once stood a proud capital was nothing more than a blighted wound upon the world itself. The last remaining 500 have stood guard over the capital for a decade ensuring that the horrors that spawn do not escape to harry the countryside but without their help new threats arise each day. Some say that there are still Blackblood hunters that fight the terrors that walk in the night…we shall see.

Those who hunt.

vandiusvonarkon terriroberts1966