The Ending Triad

It is said when Kaius defeated Maelvad the Enthraller there was a prophecy among his remaining followers that the children of Maelvad would come and finish the job he started and enslave the entire world. These horrible offspring were known as the Ending Triad each of them embodied their father’s twisted principles of domination over a subject.

Scirilintha also known as the Flesh Sculptor and the Crimson Lady-The twisted goddess Scirilintha views the bodies of the living entities of the world as her personal canvas to bend and break on her whim, it is believed that her corrupting influence is what caused the rash of mutations long ago that forced Kaius to sacrifice himself to cleanse the world.

Maeus also known as the Mind Breaker and the Azure Formless- Maeus relishes in sowing madness and the chaos that it brings he views the mortal mind as nothing more than a game and will stop at nothing to win usually ending in the mental enthrallment of his victims.

Kroveth also known as the Soul Taker and the Green Death is the lord of the undead and coveter of souls. He believes that the souls of the living belong to him and the more join his undead ranks the closer he gets to dominating the world.

The Ending Triad

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