The land of Valdek

The kingdom of Valdek is one of the oldest in the world but as of 10 years ago not the most stable in the world. Recovering from a fierce civil war that started after the former king turned on his people in order to gain power to seize the world via demonic pact. The king’s eldest son Aldo Venrich ascended to the throne after a long and bloody campaign to end the tyrannical reign of his possessed father. The entire Blackblood order assisted in bringing down the demon king despite their help the capital of Valken was blighted under a curse and the remaining 500 of the order have been contracted to guard its walls until a permanent solution can be reached that is still being researched to this day.

Valdek has harsh,forbidding winters and cool summers with plenty of mountains and forests. The population of Valdek is mostly human with some of the other demihuman races within frontier towns and large cities. To the west of Valdek lies the dense forest know as the Wild Lands.

Notable cities and places


New Valken

Obsidian Lake


The land of Valdek

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